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  • Why is the courses offered by 'Prashra Academy' different from others institutes?

    The contents are similar to all other courses. Students get access to the Indirect Tax module system. But only Prashra academy provide practical training and industry visits to get actual day to day knowledge regarding the course. Prashra academy also provide inhouse placement assistance facility to its trained student.
    The course end dates are different for the type of course you choose.
    courses are led by certified instructors.
    Financial Planning courses are available to all student free of cost.

  • I do not have any previous knowledge of accounting. Will I still be able to comprehend the courses a

    Yes. Preparing tax returns is not same as bookkeeping or accounting. Many of our students, without any accounting knowledge, do very well.

  • My math knowledge is rather limited. Do I need advance maths to understand the courses?

    No. You don't need advance math skills. Our instructors will help you to understand the concepts and rest is taken care of by calculators.

  • I already have some exposure to tax preparation. Do I still benefit from your course?

    Yes . Many of our students have previous tax preparation exposure. Our courses will update your knowledge and brush up your skills to do better in your present job and expand your job market to earn more money.

  • My friend suggested me to pick up a tax guide and learn the taxes on my own?

    A guide is more like a reference book. It explains and provides answers to specific question. Our courses are designed to clear the concepts of tax preparation and practical exercises will make you retain the concepts and use them later.

  • I don't want to work as a tax preparer? How can this course help me?

    Many of our students do the course with the sole purpose of handling there own personal or business taxes. In fact many of them save on taxes and doing adjustments to prior years tax returns to claim deductions they didn't know about previously.

  • Universities and other schools near me offer tax courses. How do they compare with yours?

    Mostly, college and university courses emphasize on theoretical aspects of taxation, resulting in many practical questions unanswered in the students' minds. Since our objective is to make our students professional tax consultants, we discuss more of the application of tax laws than theory. We teach you how to prepare tax returns completely and accurately, with tax planning and other needed tax services.

  • Is the tax field suitable for an older or physically handicapped person?

    Absolutely. Tax practice is particularly well suited for older persons, not only because the work involves little physical exertion, but even more so because clients instinctively feel confident in the competence and judgment of a mature individual. Then too, tax preparation is light, enjoyable work performed in delightful working conditions at your own working pace. For the same reason, tax work constitutes an excellent part- or full-time source of income for those with physical disabilities.

  • Does your course cover tax return preparation only?

    No. Mere mechanical knowledge of how to fill in a tax form… what figure to put on which line, will not make you a true Tax Professional. To earn the rewards and prestige tax work offers, you must know how to search for tax savings possibilities, how to make effective use of advance tax planning strategies and how to find tax saving elections and alternatives. You will see that the PRASHRA training program superbly achieves these results.

  • I have a rotating shift job. I can't commit for more than 2 weeks at same time.

    No Problem. Classes are evenings, and week-ends. You can change your class schedule according to your job schedule.

  • Will we be using computers?

    The course is designed to give you basic training in income tax preparation where you will work directly with the text book, instructor, and manual forms. You will be given software. You can install it at home and do exercises on your own computer. There will be class discussion and demonstration of the software.

  • How are the exams handled?

    There is a three hour open book online final exam for the course. If for any reason that you have to rewrite your final exam.

  • What is GST?

    GST stands for Goods & Service Tax.